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It had always been most entertaining and educating to read the "Hall of Honour" of the deceased but not forgotten VGA-Planets hosting site "Lord Firefall's Lair". Many an hour I have spend reading about past losses and victories while trying to implement what I read into current games. It resulted in me being able to also write one abstract as winner of a game on the Lair.
The Lair since then has closed down, and my second favourite internet pasttime is no more. To change this situation, and to also aid others who might be in the same situation, I hereby present as a source for game write-ups, stories and strategies and as a place to honour all the past victors who undertook the efforts of leaving some written heritage for us to learn from.

My thanks go to Tim Wisseman for the invention of the best computer game ever,
to Pick (David Pickerell) for the generous permission to publish his old "Hall of Honour"
and to Donovan for maintaining the No. 1 site to look for anything VGA Planets.

Kai Rosenthal

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