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Bandit Lords  

Historical Battles

Here you can read of the great battles of the past.
If there are any additions that need to be made to any of the games, or if you would like to submit a write-up yourself, please don't hesitate to mail me at

The Library

Bandit Lords [LFL: Disunited Kingdoms, 30 Invasion Pts.] by Vano Opulsky (Borg)

Battle of the Philipine Sea [LFL: Disunited Kingdoms, TKF] by Rob Wells (Privateers)

Blitzkrieg [LFL: 30 Invasion Pts.] by Dirk Fischbach (Colonies)

Vanilla [LFL] by George Ianev (Lizards)

Helter Skelter [LFL: Crazy Intermix, Most Tonnage sunk] by Akseli Mäki (Fascists)

Lost Tribes [LFL: Wandering Tribes] by David Pickerell (Privateers)

Players' Choice [LFL: Sphere] by Stephen Davis (Privateers)

Blind Blitz [LFL: 30 Invasion Pts., Exploremap] by George Ianev (Lizards)

Bandit Lords II [LFL: 30 Invasion Pts.] by Thorsten Feldhaus (Borg)

Mas Tequila [LFL: Tequila Wars (2000 barrels), Sphere] by Hervé Kronen (Borg)

Pathogen [LFL] by Jim Heaton (Fascist)

Battle of the Ivar Nebula [LFL] by Rob Wells (Robots) and Sergei Didenko (Crystals)

Mas Tequila II [LFL: Tequila Wars (2000 barrels), Sphere] by Dirk Fischbach (Privateers)

Blind Blitz II [LFL: 30 Invasion Pts., Exploremap, Sphere] by George Ianev (Colonies) and Ramautis Giliauskas (Borg)

Game 792 [RM: Exploremap, Race+, ClearScore] by Johannes Ohlendorf (Robots)

Andromeda Epsilon [SPH: Small circular map, Race+] by Angelica DeRose (Rebel)

Extinction Agenda [LFL: Flagship, Sphere] by Michael Renken (Crystal)

Blood Ties [LFL: 5x2 Team Game, 50 Invasion Pts.] by Dines Petersen (Lizards) and Hawk (Rebel)

Phalanx Covenant [LFL: 3x3x3x2 Team Game, 50 Invasion Pts.] by Reginald Stoyles (Privateer), Patrick Martin (Crystal) and David Furey (Colonies)

Acts of Vengeance [LFL: 2x5 Team Game, 50 Invasion Pts.] by Jeff Payne (Borg) and Fraser Stewart (Empire)

Lost Tribes II [LFL: Wandering Tribes] by Donovan Mul (Borg)

Vanilla III [LFL] by Ian Francis (Fascists)

Blind Blitz III [LFL: 50 Invasion Pts., Exploremap, Sphere] by Akseli Mäki (Rebel)

Starjammer [LFL: Exploremap, Sphere] by Matthias Gietl (Birds) and David Pickerell (Lizards)

Harsh Realms [LFL] by Kai Rosenthal (Colonies)

Vanilla IV [LFL] by Stefan Henschke (Lizards)

Captains' Cup (Rebel) [LFL: Sphere, NoAllies] by David Morris (Rebels)

Captains' Cup (Borg) [LFL: Sphere, NoAllies] by Ramutis Giliauskas (Borg)

Turkey Shoot II [LFL: Most Tonnage Sunk] by Pal-Kristian Engstad (Crystals)

Vanilla V [LFL] by Oliver Heddinga (Colonies)

Extinction Agenda II [LFL: Flagship, Sphere] by Ruffin Brown (Birds)

Harsh Realm II [LFL] by Michael Wright (Borg)

Pathogen II [LFL] by Hanns Markus Rubenkamp (Rebel)

Basaltfaust [LFL] by Torsten Feldhaus (Borg)

Players' Choice III [LFL: Sphere] by Andreas Schlecht (Lizards)

Evolutionary War [LFL: Team Game, highly customized HConfig] by Donovan Mul (Feds), F. Hemele (Rebels) and M. Gietl (Colonies)

Join 388 [PS: PHost] by David Wardlow (Feds)

Vanilla VI [LFL] by Michiel van Dam (Lizards)

Bandit Lords III [LFL: 50 Invasion Pts.] by Adam Zakreski (Lizards)

Join 482 [PS: PHost, TList1.1, explore map, wrap-around map, wormholes] by Maurits van Rees (Colonies)

Snow Storm [EC: Custom map, rich universe] by Angelica DeRose (Rebels)

Cluster Discovery 30 [RCU: Race+, Starbase+, UfoScan] by Matthias Gietl (Birds)

EC =
LFL = Lord Firefall's Lair (†, but many thanks to Pick for letting me publish the extensive collection of write-ups from his site)
PS = PlanetsServer
RM = RoboMaster
RCU = RCWorld Universe
SPH = Spaceport Hamburg (†, hosting taken over by Nate Olsen founding Spaceport Andromeda)